What to do and Expect

After your first or second class, you might be wondering what to expect in the hours that follow, as well as over the next few days. It’s an intense practice and a lot to take in.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any of our teachers any questions that pop up along the way. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions and answers to the questions we hear most often.


The best thing you can do prior to your first class, is not to have ANY expectations!
That way, you won’t be disappointed. Every single class is done the same way, no matter where you are in the world. The same breathing exercise is done to start, followed by two sets of 26 postures, finished with another breathing exercise.

Don’t eat too close to start time

Most people find that it’s best not to eat any food for an hour or two prior to class, and for your first time it’s a good idea. After that, you can experiment and see how close to class is too close for comfort!

Hydrate well!

Do your best to hydrate well before you get to class. 

Practice being in the present

Most importantly, the moment you step into the hot room, try and resolve to practice being with yourself, in the present moment; enjoy yourself no matter what and let go of expectations. Many times, you have no choice but to do just that!


It’s an intense practice and a lot to take in. Please don’t hesitate to ask any of our teachers any questions that come up for you after your first few classes.

Rehydrate and replenish your electrolytes

You probably guessed that it is important to drink lots of water before and after class. Electrolyte replenishment is just as important! Electrolytes are minerals found in your body that have an electric charge and function to regulate nerve function, heartbeat, blood pressure, and fluid balance (i.e., balance of fluids between intercellular and extracellular environments). Muscles and neurons are activated by electrolyte activity because muscle tissue and neurons are both considered electric tissues of the body! All of this is to say that electrolyte replenishment is crucial. You get electrolytes from food and beverages, and most electrolyte drinks contain sodium and potassium salts in order to replenish the body’s electrolyte concentrations after a Bikram yoga class. Coconut water, bananas, broccoli, beets and table salt are all electrolyte sources (to name a few).

Will I ever stop sweating?

It takes awhile to cool down, which is why your final savasana (resting pose) is so important. Give yourself time after class to cool down—it’s normal to continue sweating for 10, 20, 30+ minutes after the class has ended.

Muscle soreness and fatigue

Yes, your muscles will probably be sore following class—this is totally normal. If you are looking for relief, draw yourself a warm bath with a cup of Epsom salts, take a magnesium supplement, be sure you’ve got Omega-3s in your diet and get some rest! The Bikram yoga series is designed to improve the strength and flexibility of your muscles and connective tissue (fascia). So, the most important advice we can give for eliminating muscle soreness is to come back to class tomorrow!   

Dizzy? Nauseous? Headachy?

These are totally normal feelings to have following your first class. Remember that this is a detoxifying practice and it will take time to bring your body into optimal health. You might have lots to sweat out! Take your time getting up from your mat. Have a nice shower. Move slowly! Drink lots of water and eat healthful, nutritious foods.

The Hunger Game

Some days you are famished after class and other days the thought of food is repulsive. Again, it’s totally normal either way. Listen to your body and give yourself what you’re craving—you earned it!

Exhausted some days, energized other days

Remember that every body and every day is different. Sometimes people leave class completely energized and can’t sleep, while other days they just want to take a nap. Listen to your body and if you need to go to bed early—do it! If you’re feeling energized, ride the wave! Through this practice you to listen to your body: you get to know yourself intimately and you become your own best friend

Come back tomorrow…

and the day after, and the day after that! Bikram yoga is a whole body/mind workout and is not only safe, but most transformative when practiced regularly. If you practice 1-2 times per week you will maintain the health and wellness of your body; if you practice 3-4 times per week you will start to notice improved weight regulation, muscle definition, glowing skin, and better mood and outlook on life. If you practice more than 4 times per week you will find that your entire body and life transform dramatically—you will be happier and healthier than you ever imagined!

Original Hot 26&2 Series

90 Minutes

This Original Hot Yoga Class includes a series of twenty-six Hatha Yoga postures and two Pranayama breathing techniques designed to provide a challenging, invigorating, rejuvenating and effective yoga experience.

This class is suitable for all levels.

60 Minutes

This is a 60-minute version of our Classic Series, it includes all twenty-six postures and two Pranayama breathing techniques! This is a good way to get in and out quickly, without sacrificing any postures. It’s fun and hard!

This class is suitable for all levels.

75 Minutes

This is a fun and upbeat version of the 24&2 Original Hot Yoga class set to music. The class is meant for experienced practitioners who are interested in expanding their practice and trying variations of the postures.

Not suitable for first-time students.

I’m perennially grateful for the warm and welcoming community that is the staff and students of the Pure Sweat studio. I’ve practiced Bikram yoga almost daily for 8 years and at this point, I really think of it as a life-long practice. I feel better than I ever did when I was in my twenties, and I’ve always been an active person. Many people find the idea of “hot yoga” daunting—and it’s definitely a challenge! There’s an adjustment period, and it can be quite humbling. But the difficult days are as important as the days that feel easy: There’s always something new to learn about yourself, even when you’ve practiced a posture literally hundreds of times. Kitty Liu

This is a fantastic Bikram Yoga studio with excellent, caring instructors. They have all have made a real effort to work with me and help me find modifications to the postures that will allow me to get the most out of class. I have dabbled in yoga elsewhere before, and even recently when out of town, and can say without reservation that the instructors at this studio are far and away the most helpful I’ve encountered anywhere. Class sizes are usually relatively small and make it possible for the instructors to really try to help everyone, from the complete novice like me to even the most practiced participants. The atmosphere is very warm (both figuratively and literally) and welcoming. I highly recommend that you check out Pure Sweat – Bikram Method Yoga.

Andrew Wallenstein