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Posture Clinic March 23rd

Join Lilly, Denise, and Kacie for the next posture clinic! We will put emphasis on form and offer corrections and adjustments, answer any questions, and discuss in depth the how-to and why of each posture. Each clinic is two hours and follow our 9:30 AM...

NEW! Posture Clinics

Join Lilly, Denise, and Kacie for a series of posture clinics.We will put emphasis on form and offer corrections and adjustments, answer any questions, and discuss in depth the how-to and why of each posture. Each clinic will be two hours and follow our 9:30 AM...

Clockmaker Healing Arts

We are thrilled to announce that Elizabeth Seldin is now renting the old elevator room. Clockmaker Healing Arts Services is what she goes by, and she’s a jack of all trades! Check out her website, we get a discount, and you might be interested!

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2 weeks ago

A little over a year ago, I started swimming regularly, and not long thereafter began attending Bikram Yoga classes at Pure Sweat Yoga in Ithaca. After each of those initial 90 minute yoga classes, I would often come home and sleep for three hours and wonder how anyone was able to function afterwards. For months I would alternate days of swimming and yoga, unable to imagine doing both on the same day. Well, this week I swam nearly 1.5 miles on Monday morning...and did a 90 minute yoga class in the evening. Same thing on Tuesday (1 mile swim). Wednesday was swimming and 90 minutes of skiing. And today I did the trifecta: 1 mile swim in the morning, 2 hours of skiing in the afternoon, and a 60 minute Bikram-Express class this evening. I guess my endurance has improved a bit—(one of the yoga instructors “scolded” me the other night when she overheard me answer someone’s inquiry into how I was doing with “I’m surviving.” “You’re THRIVING!” she said, challenging my less-than-enthusiastic-response. Thank you, Denise!)—. It’s been a good day. And it’ll be a great first day for YOU when you come try Bikram Yoga with any one of these amazing teachers at Pure Sweat.

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See all of your happy smiling faces at 6:30 AM & 5:30 PM on Monday 😁😁😁 ...

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Get out of your comfort zone! Transform! Live dreams! Friday at 4:30 PM ☺️ ...

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Hello! For all of you 10-class pass-ers, they've gone up in price and are now $150. BUT! - if you purhcase your next one, at the studio, before your current pass expires, you'll get a $10 discount and the price for you will remain $140! ...

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I love Pure Sweat Bikram Method Yoga.
I also love long-distance running and find that my body is not very flexible. The first time I tried Bikram yoga, I cried with appreciation and relief. The heat is amazingly detoxifying, and this, along with the attuned breath and effort accompanying the poses, helps provide a natural high. I love that the same twenty-six postures afford a nourishing awareness that the body is different each time. I find that the mindfulness and gratitude inherent in this practice have helped me to grow as a mental health therapist and as a human being. It is a joy to have the opportunity to practice in this studio. The teachers are exceptional, and the community is beautifully diverse and welcoming. Thank you Pure Sweat!



Laurel McIntyre

I simply cannot recommend the Pure Sweat studio enough! I have many sports and work related injuries and Bikram Yoga soothes and improves them all, while toning muscle and building cardiovascular strength and flexibility at the same time. I know it sounds too good to be true. Come try it. Teachers are all fantastic, the space is calming and inviting and the community is so sweet.  This is how cool the community is—the first time you come you get an ovation at the end of class! The best part is that I get value and enjoy the classes so much I find myself arranging my day to insure I make it to class.



Sue Cosentini

Highly recommend giving this a try. Great facility. Excellent teachers…I’ve been to classes with Beth and Lily, and they’re great!…and very supportive classmates. This will become a habit!

Alexander Shuhan

A space of affirmation. It is a practice….each day new….never done….a blessing for our geographic region and for life. Thank you, Sarah and Lilly, for taking it on. EACH instructor is unique and is an expression of the practice.

Margot Schoeps