If you’ve been meaning to check out Lennessa’s Ashtanga classes, this is your last week to do so! Get there Tuesday Oct. 1 or Thursday Oct. 3 for the 6pm class. For her future whereabouts you can find her on Facebook – The Yoga School!

Our led Ashtanga classes present the foundational techniques of ujjayi pranayama (yogic breath), bandhas (energy control) and drishti (focused gaze) to draw awareness deep into the body during the practice of yoga asanas (postures). Sequencing will follow a classical vinyasa approach, opening with sun salutations and standing postures, ending with backbends, inversions and savasana, and will include cleansing twists, balancing postures and more from both 1st and 2nd series Ashtanga. Instruction will include alignment detail for all level of practitioners.